2021 Pheasant Flush

Come join us for a fun filled day at Catskill Pleasantry, Premier Shotgun Shooting Facility and Upland Game Preserve

Top tips for pheasant shooting

  • Know the breed of pheasant you are shooting. They all behave slightly differently in flight.
  • Get your footwork right. Move your feet correctly before you mount the gun and make the shot
  • Practice your gun mount beforehand. A consistent gun mount will help you take the shot correctly.
  • Finish your shot properly by watching the bird fold in the air
  • Don’t aim, rush or snatch at the trigger
  • Don’t cover the line of the bird with your muzzles
  • Keep your stance and weight correct

Event Memories

Organized by Crew 2718

April 11th

Check In: 8am

Breakfast 8:30

5 Stand Shoot 9:00

Tower shoot 10:00

Lunch: 12:30