Tower Shoot

April 11th 2021

Top tips for pheasant shooting

  • Know the breed of pheasant you are shooting. They all behave slightly differently in flight.
  • Get your footwork right. Move your feet correctly before you mount the gun and make the shot
  • Practice your gun mount beforehand. A consistent gun mount will help you take the shot correctly.
  • Finish your shot properly by watching the bird fold in the air
  • Don’t aim, rush or snatch at the trigger
  • Don’t cover the line of the bird with your muzzles
  • Keep your stance and weight correct
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    Get to know the different breeds of pheasants

    You’ll also need to know what the best guns are for this type of shooting, what load to use and what the distance limit is to shoot.

    If you’re new to shooting and wondering what the difference between walked up shooting and driven shooting is, then here is an easy guide.

    Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon


    The Beretta Silver Pigeon is a popular pheasant shooting gun

    Pheasant shooting has its own etiquette and part of it is knowing what to wear when you’re out in the field so here’s a useful guide.

    Later on in the season pheasants behave differently and the talk is all about shooting high pheasants.

    And then when you’ve got your bag, you can finish off by browsing through our pheasant recipes.

Organized by Crew 2718
July 11th
8:00 am
Catskill Pheasantry